Virtual Training


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Stay Connected 

We live in an increasingly virtual world unbound by borders or distance.

It is important to keep your employees connected and learning, even when they are not in the same place at the same
time. We offer a number of options to take learning out of the classroom.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms provide a way to experience interactive workshops in a collaborative, small-group setting.

Some of what you can expect in a virtual classroom:

  • Encouraged use of computer cameras for facilitator can see participants
  • Likewise, facilitator can be seen by participants
  • Use of breakout rooms within the virtual setting
  • Collaborative tools such as whiteboards, file sharing, and polling


What we can deliver in this format: Any of our workshops that are typically offered in-person.


Webinars are short (usually 60 minutes or less) virtual awareness building presentations.

Some of what you can expect in a webinar:

  • Delivered live by a facilitator
  • Typically more of a 'watch and learn' format
  • Can be adapted to accommodate much larger groups than virtual classrooms
  • Interaction is limited to Q&A and poll questions


What we can deliver in this format: Any of our awareness seminars can be delivered via webinar format without any disruption to content or process


eLearning is learning adapted to be delivered in a self-directed, on-demand format making it the ideal modality for audiences in need of flexible access.

Some of what you can expect with eLearning:

  • eLearning is not facilitated by anyone and is instead directed by the user
  • Information is presented in a variety of ways including videos, images, games, and more
  • Typically there are knowledge checks involved in this format making this a great option for topics you need to report completion on
  • What we can deliver in this format: We offer an increasing library of eLearning courses, but because of their initial time investment to create they are less adaptable or customizable.

Each employee is provided access with a unique username and password. Then, Employees complete the course on their own schedule at a time that makes sense. Then, Organization may run completion reports at any time.

LifeSpeak on Demand

LifeSpeak on Demand is a library of bite-sized expert-led training videos. Videos cover all facets of workplace health, as well as total well-being.

Some of the topics that are available on LifeSpeak:

  • Mental health
  • Leadership development
  • Fitness
  • Financial well-being
  • Diversity
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • ....and so much more!

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