Personal Loss During the Crisis: Staying Mentally Strong

1 hour webinar
For general audience


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered everyone’s daily lives, including how people grieve the loss of a loved one.

Globally, millions of people have died from COVID-19, and the pandemic is creating a new context for people to comprehend death and grief, because so many people are dying in quite disturbing ways.

It’s taking the lives of people who wouldn’t have died otherwise. Often, they are alone, without physical contact from their loved ones because of social distancing measures and hospital regulations that prohibit visitors.

Rituals that we typically rely on to say goodbye to people, such as having funerals, sitting “shiva” or visiting a loved one in the hospital, are also being taken away from us due to the necessary social distancing.

Learning objectives

This webinar will prepare everyone facing personal loss during the pandemic:

  • The essential Five Stages of Grieving we need to go through
  • The myths and realities of grieving during COVID-19
  • Self-care strategies and tactics
  • The secrets of positive thinking
  • How to support others while dealing with our own loss
  • Manage worries about money and health
  • Effectively juggle the avalanche of news, social media and emails
  • How to access professional help when needed

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