Navigating across generations

1 hour instructor-led seminar or webinar
For people leaders


Generational diversity is an often overlooked form of diversity in the workplace. One of the greatest challenges people leaders face today is managing negative stereotyping in multi-generational teams. Younger generations may perceive previous generations as risk-averse, inflexible or lacking in enthusiasm, while older employees may perceive younger colleagues as entitled praise-seekers who are easily distracted by technology. How can leaders foster cohesive and productive teamwork when facing the possibility of such limiting beliefs? A key approach lies in focusing on similarities rather than differences. Leaders who know how to build bridges among generations will reap the benefits of diversity and cultivate collaboration, engagement, performance, and productivity.

This seminar explores ways to build bridges among generations in the workplace.

  • Describe the working styles of the five most recent generations
  • Discuss top strategies to manage multiple generations in the workplace
  • Recognize and use appropriate services available through their Employee and Family Assistance Program

Learning objectives

  • Overview of the five most recent generations, including the key events and trends that have shaped them: Traditionalists, Baby-boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z
  • Key attributes of each generation, their values, and how they deal with change
  • Strategies to foster buy-in from each generation
  • A learning activity that highlights the fact that not everyone fits their generational profile
  • Strategies for communicating with and building collaboration among the generations
  • Commonality among generations in terms of what they expect from their employers and leaders 
  • Strategies for managing multiple generations, including the CODES strategy (Communication, Orientation, Discipline, Environment, and Success) and the importance of focusing on employees as individuals

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