Leading Remotely Through COVID-19 (Mid- management)

1 hour webinar
For people leaders


The rules on physical distancing resulting from COVID-19 have changed the work routines of millions of people around the world. Thanks to technology, many organizations are able to allow their workforce to work remotely, which can have enormous benefits during the current challenge.

Managing a remote workforce can present new challenges. This webinar aims to familiarize People Leaders with some of these challenges. It also aims to equip them with best practices for working in a remote team and creating an effective and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Learning objectives

During this webinar, participants will explore:

  • The four areas of challenge that may be encountered when leading a remote workforce
  • The benefits of working remotely
  • Strategies to successfully manage a remote team
  • Communication mediums for remote teams
  • Maintaining relationships and trust while working remotely

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