Leading Essential Services Heroes

1 hour webinar
For people leaders


Effectively managing teams during the uncertainty of the current crisis with its impact on businesses, processes and teams is key. We recognize that leading and supporting a team in these times is complex, and there are many questions and lots of unknowns.

Impacts on the workplace:

  1. Some team members are facing challenges taking care of their families and still going out to do their jobs.
  2. Organizations will think of ‘essential services’ in a new light moving forward.
  3. The mental health of workers will become a top priority.
  4. We are still in crisis management mode and we are only beginning to plan the support for day-to-day front-line team members.
  5. There is an impact on leaders – more energy, communication and compassion is needed.

Learning objectives

This webinar will prepare Leaders of Essential Service Heroes to empower their team members to stay healthy and mentally strong:

  • Provide a safe space for team members to express worries, emotions and hopes
  • Supportive coaching when a team member is struggling
  • Effectively building a bridge to help
  • Coaching for work-related issues – balancing honesty with kindness
  • Tips to nurture relationships with partners and housemates
  • Creating & maintaining daily habits that build resilience, deal with personal stress and worry, while “putting on a brave front” for the team (and family)

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