An Introduction to Respect in the Workplace

2 hour instructor-led workshop
For employees


Working in a Harassment-Free Environment

The clearest evidence of respect in the workplace can be found in productive, creative employees who share an awareness and appreciation of each other. When a workplace is lacking in respect, the signs can be destructive: high levels of turnover, conflict, and grievances, low levels of morale, attendance, and productivity.

This 2 hour training program provides a strong foundation for workplace respect and civility as well as easy to implement strategies to begin building more respectful workplaces today.

There is a pressing need to develop more respectful and harassment-free work environments in Canada

  • 60% of participants report harassment as most commonly experienced in the workplace
  • 30% experienced sexual harassment
  • 21% experienced violence
  • 3% experienced sexual violence


Source: Employment and Social Development Canada, “Harassment and sexual violence in the workplace public consultations - what we heard” (2017) 

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Gain a broader understanding of respect in the workplace
  • Discuss accountability for respect in the workplace
  • Explore the impact of harmful behaviours in the workplace
  • Identify strategies for communicating concerns constructively

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