Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

3 hour instructor-led workshop
For general audience


Having a diverse and inclusive culture is one of the goals of organizations today. It has been considered one of the factors that help drive innovation and performance. By capitalizing on the diverse skills, background and experiences of its workforce, organizations can start unlocking its potentials. This 3-hour workshop is a step toward helping organizations and its employees learn the skills and behaviours that will foster an inclusive culture.

It is based on global research, data and insights and will explore the following:

  • Challenges to diversity such as stereotypes, bias, micro-inequities and aggressions
  • Unconscious bias
  • Distinction between Equality and Equitability/Equity
  • The legal, business and moral case for diversity and inclusion
  • Behaviours that will foster an inclusive culture

Learning objectives

By the end of the session, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Define diversity in its various forms and understand inclusion
  • Understand the value of diversity
  • Describe possible grounds for Discrimination / Exclusion
  • Identify the behaviours that align with valuing diversity in the workplace

Law Society of Ontario Accredited

*This program contains 3 EDI Professionalism Hours.


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