Boundaries and Burnout: How to Take Control During COVID

Keynote - up to 60 minutes
For people leaders


Employees today are at a great risk of burnout while working remotely. Learning how to set and maintain personal boundaries is still a new skill for many to develop that can leave managers and supervisors struggling to understand why people have a hard time saying “no”, while running the risk of losing team members who simply do not have the tools or strategies in place to take control.

In this program, Kevin takes you through strategies to help identify where poor time management skills can be hindering self-care practices, what psychological barriers can be avoided to help initiate open conversations amongst managers and supervisors, as well as what to do to help further avoid, and if necessary, recover from burnout.

Participants will take part in highly interactive brainstorming sessions, identifying problematic areas, working together to create solutions, all while helping organizations gain further insights to understand where their employees are struggling and need help the most, and discover tools to manage these aspects proactively.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn:

  • How to set and maintain personal boundaries
  • How to separate work life from professional life 
  • How to communicate personal/professional boundaries while maintaining personal/professional responsibilities
  • How to avoid and recover from burnout

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