Ask the Expert: Navigating COVID-19 as a Senior Leader

1 hour webinar
For people leaders


The disease known as COVID-19 is rocking the world. Schools are closing. Businesses are shutting their doors. People are hoarding supplies. Markets are collapsing. Massive layoffs are happening. Airlines are grounded as governments close borders. Amid this turbulence, organisations and their leaders are scrambling to plan their activities and lead their employees through these uncertain times. One of the most challenging aspects and with the most potential to impact communities, organizations and teams is the human aspect of the response to COVID-19.

In the midst of tending to the sick, giving relief to families who have lost loved ones, and encouraging employees who are well to continue functioning despite their fears; there is a real need for senior leaders of the business to act in ways which allow for business continuity in the face of mass disruptive forces. Being a people leader or manager, has always been about guiding people into the future despite risks and uncertainties and this certainly is true today.

Learning objectives

An inspirational and interactive opportunity to discuss best practices for staying healthy and mentally fit through the current crisis. There will be a Q&A coupled with a facilitated discussion to explore:

  • Your role as a senior leader during the pandemic
  • Best practices for leading through this crisis
  • Taking care of ourselves to be there for our families and organization
  • Providing a bridge to resources for those who are struggling
  • This will enable us to help our organizations:
    • Stay healthy and mentally strong
    • Stay productive while caring for loved ones and each other
    • Manage the inevitable worries that come with this pandemic

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