Ask the Expert: Leading Through COVID-19 for Directors, Managers and Team Leaders

1 hour webinar
For people leaders


Everyone is riding out the ‘storm’ of the current pandemic. But we are all riding it out in different boats.

Some are in canoes or rowboats, some in speed boats and a few on yachts. We all are being tossed around, yes, but our lifeboats are so different. So, as leaders we need to be adaptable in how we coach each team member.

We as leaders are also riding through the storm in our own vessel. In order to be there to support our teams (and our families), we have to be healthy and mentally fit ourselves. As they remind us on air flights, put your own oxygen mask on first and then tend to the person you are caring for.

Learning objectives

This webinar will prepare Leaders to lead their teams successfully through the pandemic:

  • Staying healthy and resilient as a leader
  • The key technique for positive thinking and effectively managing worries
  • Key communication tips and techniques for team engagement
  • Leading effectively with compassion and empathy – building trust
  • The 4 key steps in supportive coaching
  • Effectively building a bridge to help when team members are struggling
  • Best practices for coaching virtually

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