Anti-Racism in Action: Exploring Power, Privilege and Allyship in the Workplace

2 hour instructor-led workshop
For people leaders and employees


Building off of the foundation of module 1, module 2 explores how social power and privilege have roots in racism. It discusses how learners can utilize their spheres of influence to confront racial prejudice and discrimination to create more equitable work environments. It also focuses on allyship in the workplace and how to effectively disrupt the status quo. Through the use of examples and tools, participants will learn how to actively intervene against incidences of racial bias. It will also help those who are interested in allyship feel more confident influencing the change of practices that result in racial marginalization within their work environment.

Learning objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Gain awareness of how social power and privilege as we see today have roots in the racialized oppression of specific groups of people, and illustrate the ways that they create benefits for some over others
  • Recognize ways they can all contribute on an individual and organizational level to confront racial inequities within the workplace and correct unfair practices
  • Identify strategies to confidently become anti-racism allies while fostering working relationships that lead to more balanced outcomes for all employees


This workshop is Module 2 in the The Equitable Workplace Series.

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Law Society of Ontario Accredited

This program contains 2 EDI Professionalism Hours.


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