Workplace mediation

Within diverse groups of people, conflict is inevitable. At the workplace, the likelihood of conflict can be heightened, fuelled by stress, contrasting personalities, job pressures, and an assortment of communication issues. If conflict is left unresolved or is only partially resolved, it can affect employee performance and paralyze productivity.

With skilled third-party intervention, effective mediation gets to the heart of the matter to ensure resolution, while upholding respect for an organization’s employees, integrity, and business objectives.

Our approach provides individuals, groups, and organizations with fundamental principles that promote improved working relationships, effective communication, and skills development in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Poorly managed conflict in the workplace can also lead to absenteeism, turnover, and/or legal action. We use mediation to create a workplace culture of fairness and equity and to support human resources policies in the areas of conflict resolution and performance management.