Workplace assessments

Workplace assessments provide your organization with the opportunity to work with one of our professional consultants to assess and analyze organizational function (or dysfunction). The process can more formally be described as “issue identification through facilitated investigation and inquiry.” Our consultants assess the perceptions of your employees and people leaders about their work environment. The aim is to identify what is working well and what is not in both unionized and nonunionized environments.

An assessment may be helpful and/or required in the following situations:

  • Anecdotal evidence or when a series of informal complaints about a specific workplace issue have been presented.
  • Poorly performing teams or workgroups.
  • Poor communication among teams.
  • High rates of turnover, absenteeism, or presenteeism.
  • Incidences of workplace hostility or aggression.

The objectives of a workplace assessment are to:

  • Support a workplace culture of fairness and equity.
  • Support human resources policy in the areas of conflict resolution and performance management.
  • Report recommendations that may include ways to improve working relationships, effective communication, and skill development in problem-solving and conflict resolution, which can in turn reduce and/or prevent absenteeism, turnover, and/or legal action.

Our process follows the four general steps below:

  1. Briefing from the organization on the nature of their need for the workplace assessment.
  2. Identification of the best method to assess the issue (i.e., individual interviews or focus groups).
  3. Assessment questioning and fact finding.
  4. Reporting (includes analysis and recommendations).