Building a Strategy: Mental Health in the Workplace

COVID-19 has forced most people to shift their priorities and change the way they are living their lives. This has inevitably caused us stress, making us flex our resiliency and coping skills as well as reminding us where we could grow and develop more. Because of that, there seems no better time than now to consider making mental health a part of your organization's training. 

Building a Mental Health Training Strategy


You may offer many types of support for the well-being and mental health of your employees, but part of that support must include education and awareness. A training strategy starts at the top and needs to include a way to reach all of your employees with a consistent message. 


Training your leaders to support and de-stigmatize mental health in the workplace is paramount to adopting a culture of support and positive mental health in your organization. In fact, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health lists mandatory training on mental health for leadership as a key driver of success in its Workplace Mental Health Playbook for Business Leaders

Our Leadership Training Programs

We offer a number of training solutions for leaders in the workplace, including:

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As you plan on reaching your employees, there are a number of things to consider: How widely do you expect to offer training? What are the goals? How flexible can we be with timing? We can work with you to address those questions, and come up with a recommendation that might include a number of our training options for employees.

Our Employee Training Programs: 


More importantly now than ever, is our ability to deliver any of the above programs in either an in-class or virtual setting, without sacrificing any learning outcomes or experience.

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