Coaching involves three-way collaboration between the coach, coachee, and organization which is vital to the success of the coaching program. Whether the coaching is initiated for career advancement or to address performance issues, coaching is a process that can help to develop the coachee’s potential. Clear coaching goals and objectives that are in alignment with the organization’s strategic direction are established in partnership, and the specifics of how the coachee will achieve the objectives of the coaching program is determined in confidence with the coach as this partnership will guide the coachee’s professional development process.

One-on-one coaching sessions, which are dedicated to supporting the coachee in clarifying and pursuing objectives that develop skill towards achieving behavioural change, are created through a process that encourages exploration, reflection, goal setting, and action.

Our robust network of professional coaches are fully certified, achieving one of the three levels of coaching credentials from the International Coach Federation, a non-profit organization made up of members and professionals who provide coaching support and advance the coaching profession though programs and standards.

We offer the following types of coaching:

  • Business (i.e., executive, management, and leadership)
  • Developmental
  • Conflict
  • Career